On February 3 2022,IUBAT lost a good friend. Gerard visited Bangladesh several many times, supporting Rotary Club activities as well as contributing to development of administrative systems at IUBAT. In his working life, Gerard was a member of the Executive Board of Tilburg University and Director of the Academy of Journalism, Fontys Tilburg. Personally, he was deeply committed to study of Christianity and Islam, and supported many global development initiatives especially in Bangladesh.  He will be remembered for the many lives touched by his good works at IUBAT, Rotary and elsewhere in the world.
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Since BHP began in 2004, nearly 100 individuals have visited Bangladesh as visiting faculty; many others donated course materials, educational resources and money. Your support to help strengthen nursing in Bangladesh has not been forgotten. Thank you for helping BHP achieve its goals.

With successful completion of our initial task, BHP has shifted its focus as noted below. Please contact us (aberland@protonmail.com) if you would like more information.

  1. IUBAT College of Nursing now uses all local faculty, including graduates from IUBAT as well as other colleges. Annual enrolment for the 2022 cohort is over 100 students. IUBAT grads are now practicing widely, many in senior clinical positions in Bangladesh hospitals or NGOs, several as educators, several enrolled in advanced studies.

  2. Alex Berland has worked with Nurses International to convert the IUBAT BSN curriculum to an Open Education Resource that has now been used in over 140 countries. That has led to many other initiatives by NI and several academic papers.

  3. John Richards and Alex have been working with IUBAT faculty to develop an MPH program at IUBAT. This will provide a career path for nurses wishing to advance in education and leadership. We completed a detailed syllabus and are now waiting approval from the national regulator.

  4. John and Alex continue to support other health-related initiatives through Sajida Foundation and service-based research on reproductive health with Dr. Nazmul Huda.

  5. John and Alex have worked closely with Oasis for Posterity to build a primary school, two early learning centres and recently a vocational school in north-west Bangladesh. Our fund-raising for construction is complete so now we are focusing on salary support and professional development for educators. Please let us know if you would like to contribute.

  6. John continues with a research program on primary school education and recently completed a major text on education in South Asia.

We continue to work through Mid-Main Community Health Centre in Vancouver and will soon establish a new charitable organization focusing on the community development work of OFP. Thank you again for your support to communities in need.

IUBAT’s BScN curriculum was developed over many years by our volunteer faculty. They also converted the curriculum to an Open Educational Resource that was donated to a USA-based NGO, Nurses International. In this video, Dr. Kathleen Capone, Nurses International’s Academic Director, provides an overview of the program’s achievements. In its 2021 annual report, NI reports that  it has completed three more open access courses, plus a textbook for nurse educators (based in part on BHP work) and a policy and procedure handbook to standardize patient care. All these materials are freely available on-line and have now been downloaded in over 140 countries.

Thank you to all those who helped improve the teaching material.

Your efforts are continuing to make an impact.

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