Mohammad Ali (Kiron), is an IUBAT BScN graduate and former College of Nursing faculty member. For several years, Ali has been working at a burn unit in Sweden, during which time he completed a Masters in International Health. (To become registered as a nurse, he also learned Swedish in addition to Bangla and English!)

Ali's professional focus is reproductive health and he recently wrote an editorial on the high rate of C-sections in Bangladesh that was published in a leading Dhaka newspaper.

Ali has now been accepted for PhD studies at the Nuffield Department of Women's and Reproductive Health at University of Oxford. Due to the patriarchal nature of family relations in his society, Ali plans to research the decision-making role of Bangladeshi men in C-sections. His career goal is to return to Bangladesh to teach and to work for an NGO, Save the Children Bangladesh.

You may remember, if you taught him at IUBAT, that Ali worked extremely hard to overcome a weak high-school education. Although from a very modest background himself, since graduating he has supported young people from his village to enroll in nursing studies.

You can read below about Ali's efforts to meet his tuition costs at Oxford. We want to ensure that this remarkable young man is able to continue his academic journey, both for his future contribution to population health and to serve as a role-model to other young nurses in Bangladesh. As always, you can contribute through the Mid-Main Community Health Centre website. ( For donations over $500 or if you do not need a CRA tax-deductible receipt, please contact us directly so that we can avoid the transaction fees.

BHP Director John Richards is in Dhaka during June and July, meeting with IUBAT College of Nursing faculty and students and visiting Oasis for Posterity projects. IUBAT Prof. Hasnat Alamgir sent this photo from his Research Methods course for third-year nursing students. To graduate from the BSN program, the students complete a major research project and thesis, sometimes conducting dozens of interviews on topics such as ante-natal care or infection control in hospitals. On this occasion, John shared his own research projects, suggested a dozen potential public health topics and, as he says, “Tried to motivate them to conduct good research.” Humour is a pretty good motivator!

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