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The Bangladesh Health Project is a not-for-profit organization with no government funding. It is sustained through private contributions, such as monetary donations, volunteer effort and education supplies, with very low overhead.

All cash donations are entirely used directly toward the project and its beneficiaries.

Your contribution towards population health in Bangladesh is greatly appreciated. Please contact us directly about larger donations or with any questions.

Donate using Canada Helps

To donate, use the Canada Helps “Donate Now” button below, download our donations form, or contact us


Donate by Cash or Cheque

Please complete the PDF donation form and deliver with your donation to: Mid-Main Community Health Centre 2205 Main Street, Vancouver, BC, V5T 1J5

If you prefer, contact us directly for further discussion.

How you can help

We welcome enthusiastic short-term and long-term volunteers to contribute from home or as visiting faculty in Bangladesh. We value contributions of educational materials, which visiting faculty volunteers will take with them. We also appreciate donations to support project activities such as salaries for teachers at Bluebell School, the purchase of books and teaching equipment and developing teaching space. Scholarship and bursary support for secondary school, nursing, MPH and OIST students is also welcome. Canadian charitable donation tax receipts can be provided for financial donations directed to health care-related activities.

How donations are used

The Bangladesh Health Project receives no government funding. So far, we operate on donations of about $25,000 per year, mostly from a few families.

Your donations to the Bangladesh Health Project are used only to support BHP activities in Bangladesh. Our overhead costs in Canada are website management, book-keeping and audit services to meet Canada Revenue Agency requirements. Volunteers do this work; none of the directors is paid.

Our partner agencies IUBAT College of Nursing and OIST are private, not-for-profit institutes that charge tuition. Both provide loans, grants and scholarships to bright students who cannot afford tuition fees. Bluebell School charges no tuition.

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