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Turning Interest Into Action

  Mid-Main Community Health Centre in Vancouver, Canada led by Executive Director Asia Hollingsworth sponsors the Bangladesh Health Project as a way to contribute to global development. As a progressive service provider, Mid-Main wants to share its successful experiences and support international efforts for health improvement. Several of the Canadian volunteers who founded this project have also served on the Mid-Main Board of Directors including Deirdre Evans, and Prof. John Richards and Alex Berland, who both continue as directors.

  Since 2003, Bangladesh Health Project volunteers have been working In Bangladesh. To start, we were invited to help Dhaka’s IUBAT- International University of Business Agriculture and Technolog as it launched a nursing college (BSc Nursing). This was led in-country by Dr. Karen Lund of Vancouver who was recognized by the Government of Canada for over a decade of service as Coordinator of the IUBAT College of Nursing. Visiting Bangladesh each year but mostly supporting from Canada, Alex Berland recruited nearly a hundred volunteers who served as visiting faculty at IUBAT or supported the project from home. The College of Nursing is now fully staffed with highly capable local faculty.

  Following this success, we converted the BScN courses developed for IUBAT into Open Education Resources to support novice nurse educators globally. Those resources are now available from another volunteer-driven organization, Nurses International, led by CEO Miriam Chickering and based in Minneapolis USA. The OER have been downloaded by users in over 100 countries.


 Working with Bangladesh colleague, Dr. Nazmul Huda, our latest higher education initiative is a Masters in Public Health program at IUBAT, which will provide a career pathway, especially for nurses. At the same time John Richards has led several research projects and co-authored a reference text concerning evaluation and improvement of education in Bangladesh and elsewhere in South Asia.

  Since 2008, we have worked with Sajida Foundation, a major Bangladesh NGO led by Executive Director Zahida Kabir. In Sajida’s hospitals, BHP volunteers have assisted with projects such as nurse training, infection control and quality improvement. In Sajida’s community programs, BHP volunteers have helped improve home care for elderly and disabled people.


  In 2009, we began working with Oasis for Posterity, led by CEO Rabiul Islam.  Current projects include support for a primary school and a vocational college which now trains civil engineering and computer science students and in future will train community health workers. Our latest report is available below.

We have benefited from the volunteer support of so many kind, capable people over the years. Hundreds of individuals have contributed teaching materials, clinic supplies and money; many visited IUBAT to teach, while others worked from home to develop course materials, support the visiting faculty or improve our communications. Our blog posts include pictures and stories from many of these volunteers. Contact us to learn more and get involved yourself.


OFP Reports

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OFP Annual Report 2024
OFP Annual Report 2023
OFP Annual Report 2022
OFP Annual Report 2021
OFP Annual Report 2019
Site visit 2018
Site visit 2017
Site visit 2016
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Committed to the Cause



Advisor on Health Sciences, IUBAT, Bangladesh; Director, Mid-Main Community Health Centre



Professor Emeritus, School of Public Policy, Simon Fraser University, Canada; Director, Mid-Main Community Health Centre



Deputy Registrar International University of Business Agriculture and Technology, Dhaka Bangladesh

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