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Support for Sajida Hospital quality improvement

Deputy hospital head Dr. Mahmuda Akhtar second from right
Sajida head office and hospital QA staff with John Richards and Alex Berland. Deputy hospital head Dr. Mahmuda Akhtar second from right.

Recently BHP Directors Alex Berland and John Richards made a site visit to the Keraniganj Hospital operated by Sajida Foundation in a poor neighbourhood of Dhaka. This is a private hospital, so patients pay for care but Sajida fulfills its humanitarian mission with a poor fund that subsidizes costs for the needy but destitute. Our site visit was the latest in a long-standing collaboration between BHP and Sajida to improve health services in Bangladesh, including hospital, home and community, and most recently, mental health care. Previous activities at the hospital have included nurse training, staff hand-washing practices and patient identification. This time the focus was the quality improvement program overall. Initially, hospital staff identified their priorities, followed by Sajida’s Quality Assurance Department sharing detailed findings from their monthly patient satisfaction surveys. All participants then discussed how to use data to strengthen priority programs such as dialysis and reproductive care. A detailed report with recommendations was the final follow-up step. It is always a pleasure to visit this hospital because the leadership is so positive and obviously respected by the care staff.

Dr. Tariqul Islam Head of Sajida Hospital with Alex Berland

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