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What do we do as volunteer faculty?

We try to connect prospective volunteers with people who have visited IUBAT previously. US nurse-midwife, Sally Sando taught at IUBAT in 2010. Answering a question from another nurse, she says, “I think that we provide so much for the students as role models and mentors. I taught 3rd year students so they were ready to take on their professional role.  I supported them in that, trying to find experiences for them, listening to them.  They felt a lot of frustration due to the discrepancy between what they had been taught about nursing standards and the reality in Bangladesh.  These are issues that we don’t have to deal with in the West, so they are sobering to think about. It is important to try to be realistic about what we can achieve. Everyone at IUBAT maintains very high standards in teaching the students. Although the students seem earnest and anxious to learn, it is difficult in light of the realities.  But – if we don’t hold to the standards as best we can, then we don’t give them a vision to aim for. I never doubted that I was doing something of benefit for the students.”

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