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Volunteer opportunities

The IUBAT College of Nursing is a 4-year BSN program based in an English-medium not-for-profit university in Dhaka. The Bangladesh Health Project is staffed by Canadian volunteers, under the sponsorship of Vancouver’s Mid-Main Community Health Centre. We pay program costs through donations and receive no government support.

Visiting faculty volunteers support local faculty to teach the nursing content, including clinical practice supervision and curriculum development. Volunteers are English speakers with various backgrounds such as professional educators, nurses of various qualifications with practical experience, and recently-graduated interns. Some volunteers come from other health care professions such as laboratory medicine, psychiatric social work, nutrition and so on; we also need English teachers.

We cannot pay airfare, but can offer free room and board in the university guest house close to the campus. Six weeks is our preferred minimum visit so that there is enough time for volunteers to be oriented and feel useful. We arrange airport pick-up and drop-off in Dhaka so that you are taken care of and can focus on the task during your time there. There are also opportunities to support the nursing college from home using internet-based tools. Please contact us for further information.

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