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Volunteer Experience Positively Impacts Vancouver Nurse

Amy Hall, a Vancouver based occupational health researcher with UBC, volunteered with IUBAT last summer. She writes, “I knew this experience would change the way I saw the world, but not how. It made me realize why people love 1) teaching, and 2) Bangladesh. Because I hadn’t practiced as a nurse in a clinical setting for several years and had never visited the country, I wasn’t sure how my role as a course instructor in IUBAT’s nursing program would go. It turned out to be an amazing teaching and learning experience. One of the most inspiring parts was interacting with IUBAT nursing students at various stages of their education, and seeing the lengths they went to develop confidence and competence in both clinical and academic environments. It made me feel like I was contributing (in a small way) to something of huge importance, for the students as well as the Bangladeshi society. While I watch Bangladesh’s nursing profession grow, I know that this program’s graduates will be leading the way. The friendliness, hospitality and strong capabilities of the Bangladeshi people have left a permanent mark on me, and I will always look back on my IUBAT experience with fondness.”

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