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VCC students learning and teaching at IUBAT

This summer, Christine Jhoan Eugenio and other senior students from the Vancouver Community College BSN program completed preceptorships at IUBAT. In the photos, Christine is shown with her classmates, Anastasia Vlasova and Josh Gardiner. Christine writes, “My colleagues and I did a presentation on HIV/AIDS for the junior nursing students.  The presentation mainly focused on the stigma attached to HIV and the importance of providing compassionate care to ALL patients.  We used the Bangladesh Nursing and Midwifery Council Code of Ethics to discuss the professional responsibility of nurses, especially to vulnerable populations such as HIV+ patients.  A puzzle activity called How to provide care to HIV+ patients helped the students understand nurses’ responsibility to provide competent, ethical care. In a group activity, we asked the students to develop a teaching strategy (a skit, a comic, or a poster) to increase awareness about HIV/AIDS and reduce stigma. By developing values such as compassionate nursing care, IUBAT graduates will be able to practice in ways that foster positive images of nursing in Bangladesh.  The students’ comments showed that they enjoyed and learned from our presentation.  One wrote, “It was the best presentation that I had ever seen. I really liked how you involved us and made it so very interesting.  The puzzle and drama helped to make us creative and knowledgeable.” I am glad that I was able to share my nursing knowledge to influence other future nurses.  It was great working with and learning from the IUBAT students. I was impressed by their enthusiasm and creativity and I appreciate how they welcomed us in their classroom and treated us as their peers.

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