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U Vermont BSN students at IUBAT

In January 2011 sixteen nursing students from the University of Vermont visited IUBAT for 3 weeks during their Community Health practicum.  Their supervisor, Dr. Hendrika (Rycki) Maltby, initiated this program several years ago to help students understand cultural barriers to health care in developing countries. This is the second visit hosted by IUBAT.   The students visited a rural village project for sustainable development and partnered with IUBAT nursing students to conduct community assessments in Dhaka.  One of the most memorable activities was the IUBAT Community Health Assessment Day.  The UVm students joined IUBAT nursing students, doctors from Shikder Hospital and other local health care specialists to provide our annual free health assessment to the local community.  In addition to checkups for families, the students provided health teaching about hygiene, nutrition and vaccination.  This practicum provides a fantastic opportunity for the American and Bengali students to learn from each other.  The photo shows Rachel (UVm) providing an assessment for a young mother and child. We are already planning the 2012 visit!

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