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Testament to the Commitment of the IUBAT Nursing Students

Christine Eugenio, RN, completed her final preceptoriship through Vancouver Community College at IUBAT and describes the experience as life changing. ” Because of the rich experience I had, I feel I am better equipped as a nurse to inquire into the diverse health care needs of patients based on socio-economic, political, and cultural perspectives.”  She was moved by the IUBAT nursing students ability and dedication, “It was inspiring to see student nurse leaders at IUBAT show commitment to nursing excellence in Bangladesh through research and community involvement.  IUBAT nursing students showed unparalleled resilience and adaptability as they work through an international nursing curriculum. Working with IUBAT nursing students was such a positive and humbling experience. We worked together in various activities which included health assessments for IUBAT students and faculty and for underprivileged school-aged children at School of Hope. The success of those activities showed the crucial role of nurses in community health and helped foster a positive image of nursing in Bangladesh. The success was also a testament to IUBAT nursing students’ strong nursing foundation, determination, and perseverance. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from, share nursing knowledge and experiences with, and to work alongside the future nurse leaders who are bound to change the face of nursing in Bangladesh.”  

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