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Supporting Public Health

Immunization program at Bluebell School

A recent New York Times story about eradication of polio touches on BHP activities in two ways. First, in collaboration with local Rotary groups, BHP volunteers supporting the IUBAT College of Nursing have participated in community immunization campaigns near the university.  These events focus on immunization of children from “ultra-poor” families in nearby slums who do not attend school. In the rural village where Oasis for Posterity operates, immunization campaigns supported by Rotary and BHP provide vaccination for students attending Bluebell School as well as other local children.

MPH students IUBAT spring 2024

The second way that we are supporting disease control in Bangladesh is through the Master of Public Health program that we have helped to develop at IUBAT. While polio is no longer circulating in Bangladesh, the students are learning how to organize community campaigns for other infectious diseases. They must understand the many processes involved such as acquiring, storing and transporting vaccine products; engaging community volunteers and participating sites; communicating with parents and local leaders. A third batch of students, mostly nurses and doctors, will enroll in the MPH program this summer. BHP volunteers will continue developing the program and teaching courses as visiting faculty.

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