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Support for IUBAT grad

IUBAT BSN alumnus, Mohammad Ali, has begun his graduate studies at Nuffield Department of Women's & Reproductive Health. Ali’s first-year tuition and living costs have been supported by generous donors through BHP. Ali will be researching ways to tackle the high rate of C-section in Bangladesh. Ali’s journey to Oxford is a remarkable story of perseverance. As he wrote in his application letter, “My parents have always been a significant source of inspiration for me, but they are unable to help me out financially…. In primary and secondary school, I experienced severe economic hardships, but I never gave up on my dream of continuing my studies. Because of my mother’s poor health, from a young age I have been passionate about improving the health of people. I was the first person in my village to enter a university undergraduate program. I didn't know what a university looked like, and I was more worried about money than grades. I've always been passionate about promoting health in my community. In Bangladesh, my first priority is to reduce unnecessary C-sections since many women experience severe complications from this procedure. I do not know whether I will achieve the target in my lifetime, but someone has to take the initiative. I believe I may be that person.” We will post updates of Ali’s academic progress.

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