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Strides Made in Recognition of Alumni

The Bangladesh Health Project team has advocated strongly in the past for IUBAT’s Nursing Program and their graduates, working hard to allow alumni the opportunity to receive national accreditation, despite barriers along the way.  The recent hiring of 14 IUBAT Nursing graduates into civic service has been very significant because it represents acceptance of the program from the government and the medical community.  Furthermore, to get hired into government service, nurses must take the Public Service Commission Exam.  Previous to this exam, there was no merit-based appointment and nurses would enter government service due to seniority.  Currently, here is some pushback to this new change, but the serious senior nurses see the induction of this exam as a step toward the right direction.  Anecdotes from our alumni also indicate more respect shown to them by their colleagues in senior positions (even in different sectors, such as military officials), which is a much different reality than even several years ago.

We are thrilled to hear about the strides in acceptance of our graduates and recognition of their accomplishments and skills.  Through hard work and thorough training, the nursing alumni have shown their competence in the classroom, on exams, and at the workplace.
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