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Scaling Up: Creating On-Line Resources for Nurse Educators

Over the past decade, the Bangladesh Health Project has built a four year BScN program from the ground up. We have celebrated our first graduates’ registration and they are working in leadership roles in Bangladesh and Nepal, or studying abroad. So, now we are looking ahead to an even greater impact on population health by “training the trainers”.

To this end, we are scaling up the IUBAT BScN curriculum as an Online Educational Resource [OER] for nurse educators in similar settings. Our vision is to provide the complete BScN curriculum on-line, including classroom lectures, references and learning resources, assignments and exams, checklists for clinical practice, and administrative policies.

The overall goal remains the same: “To develop nursing leaders who can contribute significantly to improve population health”. We are actively seeking funding for this new OER project. We also plan to create an advisory group or “community of practice” – nurse educators from various settings who will ensure the OER remains current, relevant, and appropriately adapted for low-resource settings.

We hope you will join us in cultivating this new resource. If you are interested in details or would like to participate, please read our project summary.

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