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Rotary Club of Olds supports BHP

The Rotary Club of Olds, Alberta, Canada recently donated $4000 to the Bangladesh Health Project. In this photo, Club President Greg MacIntyre (right) and Publicity Director Mary Turner (2nd from left) are shown with the contribution. We are very grateful for this support from the Rotary members, as well as businesses and the Olds community at large, We have a strong Rotary connection in Bangladesh: Dr. Alimullah Miyan, Vice-Chancellor of IUBAT, has held senior positions in national and local Rotary organizations; local Rotary clubs support the annual polio immunization campaign held on the IUBAT campus. In future, we hope to develop further projects in cooperation with Rotary International. The Rotary Club of Olds describes itself as “FUN . . . with a Purpose.”

Rest assured we will make purposeful use of this generous donation. Thank you.  

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