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Recognizing Dr. Karen Lund

Almost exactly twenty years ago, Dr. Karen Lund left a senior role at a biotech research company in Vancouver to volunteer with BHP. For over fifteen years, Karen lived and worked in Dhaka, serving as Visiting Faculty Chair for the IUBAT College of Nursing. Her goal was to build capacity to strengthen nurse education in Bangladesh at a time when nursing was considered “dirty work.”

In the early years, due to a shortage of local instructors, visiting faculty volunteers taught most nursing courses and supervised student practice. Karen coordinated the course offerings, directed faculty, taught several courses herself, supervised student research projects, and built the program administration. Karen’s outstanding contribution was to establish high expectations of students, promoting the idea of an international standard Bachelor of Science in Nursing delivered in Bangladesh. Summing up, Karen’s leadership of the College of Nursing in those early years resulted in IUBAT earning a reputation for producing the best educated nurses in the country.

In 2015, Karen received the Caring Governor General’s Award, a national honour recognizing significant volunteer efforts by Canadians.  The Award honours the compassionate example of selfless contributions. Karen’s work at the IUBAT College of Nursing has affected the lives not only of her many students but also the countless numbers of their future patients. She continues as International Adviser to IUBAT College of Nursing Thank you Karen for sharing your skill and dedication for such a long time.

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