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Promoting resilience in nurse education

Alex Berland moderated a virtual panel discussion on "Promoting Resilience in Nurse Education" with colleagues from Nurses International and NextnU at the Pan-Commonwealth Forum on Open Learning hosted by Commonwealth of Learning in Calgary during September. The Forum takes place every three years and is considered one of the world’s leading international conferences on open, distance and technology-enabled learning.

IUBAT visiting faculty Helen Ewing helped prepare the content and Nepal-based IUBAT graduate Bimala Rai described her experience developing OER. Miriam Chickering and NI team members joined from USA and South Africa while NextGenU's Erica Frank is based in Vancouver. The panel discussed topics such as helping OER users to align with their local employer and regulator expectations; use of OER to train professional educators; how OER can help promote equity and inclusion; and how values can be transmitted using OER for professional education. The video recording is available on the COL website.

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