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Phase 2 of BHP is Underway!

We are now moving into Phase 2 of the Bangladesh Health Project as the management of the College of Nursing is being transitioned to IUBAT. Over the last 11 years, we created opportunities for professional advancement for our graduates as well as other local nurses and our visiting faculty volunteers. In addition, we have demonstrated to local healthcare providers how well-trained nurses can advance public health.

Dr. ASA Masud has been appointed as Program Chair for the College of Nursing. Dr. Karen Lund and Alex Berland continue as Program Advisers. In addition to Shahed Chowdhury (BSN 2011) who joined College of Nursing faculty two years ago, IUBAT has recently hired three other alumni, Nausheen Nafeez, Mohammed Ali (Kiron) and Ariful Haque (Tutul). We are very proud that they have passed the challenging entrance requirements to be appointed faculty at IUBAT. We will continue to recruit visiting faculty volunteers with a focus on supporting these novice educators as well as the BSN students. Please contact us if you would like to be involved.

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