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Passing of Dr ASA Masud

IUBAT College of Nursing Coordinator Shuvashish Das Bala has shared news of the recent death of former CoN Coordinator, Prof. Dr. ASA Masud. Visiting faculty volunteers and students will remember his stewardship of the fledgling College from 2014 to 2018. Prior to IUBAT, most of Dr. Masud’s career was in humanitarian work at World Vision, Bangladesh. He brought that experience to the College of Nursing where he taught Family Planning and Reproductive Health as well as representing the College at academic and health sector meetings. Also, at IUBAT, he developed the university’s first health insurance scheme which now serves over 10,000 students.

BHP Director, Prof. John Richards, recalls, “Over many shared cups of tea at the campus café, I remember well Dr. Masud’s wonderful sense of humour.” Director Alex Berland adds, “In those early years, it was extremely difficult to recruit senior local nurses to teach in the private sector so medical doctors filled an important teaching role. Dr. Masud was one of the rare Bangladeshi physicians who respected and valued the unique knowledge base of the nursing profession. His supportive attitude and knowledge of local context helped tremendously in creating a rich learning experience for our students. We are grateful for his contributions to building the IUBAT College of Nursing.”

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