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OFP Advisor Sigfried Janzing

OFP Advisory Committee member Sigfried Janzing is a specialist in Archives Management and Right to Information who recently moved from The Netherlands to Portugal. Sigfried has made many journeys to Bangladesh from 2010 - 2019. He has supported the Bangladesh Archives and Records Management Society with training and worked with OFP in his role as a Human Development Advisor for COMMEET Fellowship. COMMEET is a group of experts who help communities to reach Sustainable Development Goals.

"OFP is for me the powerful story of a young man, Rabiul Islam, who decided to serve his community of Balagram by organizing at the grassroots. He left for a business degree in Dhaka and returned to his home district to implement that knowledge by building opportunities for the children of marginalized members of his community. The establishment of "Bluebell School" is his first major achievement. The second, OfP Institute of Science and Technology (OIST), for technical and vocational education and training, is actively supported by COMMEET."

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