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Nursing Faculty Hired

Alex Berland writes, “In late November, I visited IUBAT to meet with Dr. ASA Masud, Coordinator of the College of Nursing. I also met with the five IUBAT BSN graduates working in the College of Nursing, Shuvashish Das Bala, Mohammad Ali (Kiron), Tahamina Chowdhury, Md. Shahedul Chowdhury and Ariful Haque Tutul (L to R in photo). We had a round-table discussion about their initial experiences as educators. I explained that international faculty volunteers would continue to support the IUBAT College of Nursing, with the first expected in January 2016. Visiting faculty will mentor the IUBAT faculty, especially with clinical supervision of students. During that visit, I also interviewed a sixth candidate, a top student from the prestigious military nursing college. She has since been hired as the latest faculty member at the College of Nursing.”

IUBAT faculty Nov 2015
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