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Knowledge Based Area Development at IUBAT

Bangladesh is endowed with people, but has very limited natural resources and financial capital. Therefore, education and skill development are essential for creating human capital. IUBAT founder, Dr. Alimullah Miyan developed the concept of Knowledge Based Area Development as a step towards community self-reliance.

This is IUBAT’s long- term vision of producing at least one professional graduate from each village in Bangladesh. To translate the concept into reality, IUBAT has special provisions for supplementing student’s family resources through scholarship, grant, fee waiver, deferred payment, campus job, educational financing and the like.

It is IUBAT policy to support all qualified students through appropriate educational financing arrangements regardless of the income level of his/her family. In Dr. Miyan’s call to action, he states, “Active participation of every educated individual to build a prosperous Bangladesh based on knowledge will give rise to a drive towards nation building, paving the way for development of the country as a prosperous self-respecting nation.”

IUBAT welcomes faculty volunteers either on campus or via on-line learning. Please contact us for more details.

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