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IUBAT Research Finds Link Between Education and Nutrition

In the summer of 2013, IUBAT’s Centre of Policy Research (CPR) published a commentary entitled, “Education Success and Nutrition: Is there a link?” studying the connection between the nutritional status of children and their attendance and success in school.

The authors, Professor John Richards, one of the founding members of the Bangladesh Health Project, Afifa Shahrin, an SFU Masters of Public Policy graduate and former instructor at BRAC University in Dhaka, and their collaborators collected over 200 survey responses from families in Bangladesh.  The results support other international research that also shows evidence of a link between nutrition and probability of education completion and related success.


The launch of this IUBAT CPR commentary garnered some media attention. Above, Dr. John Richards is seen lecturing alongside IUBAT Vice Chancellor Alimullah Miyan.

For more information about IUBAT’s Centre of Policy Research or the study, visit the Centre of Policy Research’s website.

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