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IUBAT Progress

The IUBAT campus has continued to expand facilities with its fifth and sixth floors now under construction. In addition to the new Nursing Lab, there are new, well-equipped facilities for the agriculture, tourism and engineering programs. Demand for higher education is very strong in Bangladesh due to the large youth population. IUBAT Vice-Chancellor, Dr. M. Alimullah Miyan says that the university has come close to achieving its goal of recruiting students from all rural districts of the country. He has pioneered the concept of Knowledge-Based Area Development, which aims to strengthen community self-reliance by giving young men and women the opportunity to acquire marketable skills through higher education. Dr. Miyan explains that, “Graduates are expected to make efforts to pull up their family, neighbours and the village community through access to knowledge for social and economic development.” Various programs at IUBAT provide financial support for academically eligible students experiencing hardship.

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