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IUBAT nursing supporting research

Recently Professor John Richards of Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada  and his graduate student Ms Afifa Shahrin completed a study of nutritional status of women from  low-income households in urban and rural areas of Bangladesh. John is a founding director of the Bangladesh Health Project and  also a member of IUBAT’s overseas advisory committee. Ms.Shahrin, a former instructor in BRAC University and recent graduate of SFU, engaged IUBAT College of Nursing students for some of the surveying. See for more on this. IUBAT has taken a pioneering role in the country’s higher education sector by supporting researchers, practitioners, and academics to undertake  practical research on the policy problems facing Bangladesh ( Several students and faculty from Canadian and US universities have completed research studies through IUBAT, providing College of Nursing students with an excellent exposure to research methods and academic expectations.

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