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IUBAT Graduates and their Career Progress

Meeting with IUBAT graduates 2015

Recently, six IUBAT graduates living in or near Dhaka, told us about their current jobs and plans for further education. Tutul is working as an instructor for the BRAC Midwifery Program, as are four other graduates who could not attend the meeting. Shahed is an instructor in the College of Nursing at IUBAT. He teaches various subjects to general university students, supervises the Nursing Practice Lab and promotes Nursing for the IUBAT student recruitment program. Rakib has worked at Ayesha Memorial Hospital since graduation. Initially at the bedside, he worked for a while in an administrative role, then returned to clinical work, now mostly in the ICU. Imran has focused on bedside nursing since graduation. He has been promoted to the High Dependency Unit at Apollo Hospital. His goal is to develop his clinical skills for eventual emigration. Nausheen works for an international NGO, where she organizes medical care for sponsored children. Her tasks are often very challenging as many of the children have special needs. Prashanta has had varied experience since registration, working as a research nurse, staff nurse in a large private hospital and on a Red Crescent team sent to support a seriously under-staffed rural hospital.

All the graduates are actively planning for further education, mostly in Master’s programs in Bangladesh or overseas. We wish them well and look forward to hearing of their career success in future.

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