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IUBAT faculty tackle big issues

IUBAT faculty, Shuvashish Das Bala, Ishraq Rahman and Priyanka Das Sharmi recently co-published a paper entitled “How Inadequacies in the Nursing Field Deteriorate the Quality of Health Care in a Developing Nation” The authors list various institutional causes of dissatisfaction such as lack of developed organizational structures, weak leadership, staff shortages and lack of professional development opportunities. This workplace dissatisfaction negatively affects the quality of health care. They recommend improving quality of care by focusing on Therapeutic Communication, Infection Prevention and Control, Mental Health Support and Standard Operating Procedures. Referring to negative social attitudes, they write, “Stigma against nurses can be addressed by promoting the profession through a nationwide campaign. The campaign may highlight the benefits and the long-term career rewards of the profession. If the campaign is regulated from the government level with an emphasis on the reformed policies which will ensure higher job satisfaction for nurses, then surely a lot more people will be willing to take up nursing as a profession.

Authors' illustration

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