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IUBAT BSN recognized by Government

Minister photo
Program Director Karen Lund offered flowers to the Minister of Health, Dr. AFM Ruhal Haque, in celebration of the completion of IUBAT’s affiliation with the Bangladesh Nursing Council.

Earlier this month the Government of Bangladesh gave IUBAT College of Nursing retrospective recognition for introduction of the BSc in Nursing program and permission to enroll up to 125 students per year.  (Previous graduates of the program were pre-approved to appear in the Bangladesh Nursing Council’s licensing examination of October 4th and received their RN certification the following week.)  IUBAT is now the first non-government university in Bangladesh to be authorized to deliver an independent BSN.  We are very pleased to have reached this milestone. This provides us with greater certainty as we move forward to develop the nursing leaders needed in Bangladesh and globally. We have ambitious plans for further development of nursing leadership in the region. You can find details elsewhere on our website.

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