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IUBAT Alumnus Shares Her Experience with Compassion International

Nausheen Nafeez is a graduate of IUBAT and is currently a community health nurse with Compassion international, Bangladesh, an NGO that is involved with childrens’ health.

me at work!

She writes: “I am happy to report that I am settling into my position here as the Health Specialist at Compassion International Bangladesh, an NGO aimed at alleviating the effects of poverty and encouraging healthy child development.  Compassion has 135 projects situated all over the country, and partners with churches and sponsors who help to run the organization, as well as help to support the children.

My role is mainly related to community health nursing, where I teach and advise the teachers about health in order to raise, improve, and maintain standards.  I advise and help with the health issues of the children, especially the complicated cases, and facilitate treatment for them with the right doctors and hospitals as necessary. As part of the Training and Support Team, I conduct training for the staff and project workers at Compassion. This position also allows me to get involved with networking and sharing ideas with other health-related organizations as we have a shared purpose in building a strong future for children in Bangladesh, particularly those in the lower class.

As I enter my fourth month, I am feeling better adjusted and I look forward to the many ways that I can grow in this position.  I am grateful for everything that has brought me here, including God and IUBAT, for the knowledge I have gained and the contribution to my life.  Teaching nursing at IUBAT remains in my thoughts and future plans, but for now, I am looking forward to working with Compassion. It is a big dream, and one of the major plans I had for my life.”

Congratulations to Nausheen on your new role and we wish you the best of luck in the future.  We hope to see you back at IUBAT soon!

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