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Increasing impact of Bluebell School

OFP’s Bluebell School offers free primary education to children in Guchchha Gram, which is a “cluster village” or form of social housing for landless families. At present, there are 77 students (43 female) and 6 teachers (3 female). The school has 6 classrooms, a teacher’s lounge and small open space for sports: it is an excellent facility with capacity to create a greater impact. To increase instruction time, we will expand the current class routine and work with teachers to increase the duration of their class hours. One teacher will be assigned as lead to monitor increased teaching time. To increase the school population, the school will invite and allow enrollment of more students, specially in the pre-primary (Kindergarten) section. Initiatives will be undertaken to enroll around 20 students in pre-primary and around 20 additional students in grades 1 to 5. Rabiul Islam will guide Bluebell teachers and OfP staff to work with the villagers in Balagram union to mobilize parents of four to five years’ children to ensure timely enrollment of the children in January 2023.

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