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Images of Dhaka Captured in Photo Blog

The Guardian recently featured a Dhaka resident in their Blogger of the Week series, a retired government worker who shares photographs of his hometown in his blog, Dhaka Daily Photo.  Ershad Ahmed started his photo blog 8 years ago, and in the article, gives a local’s insight into the evolution of Dhaka and life in the bustling city.

The myriad of images showcases many features of Dhaka living, such as urban growth, marketplace settings and interestingly enough, rickshaw traffic congestion, a mode of transport that the blogger claims is the best way to travel in the city.

Through photos, Ahmed describes Dhaka as, “…uncontrolled and unplanned urban sprawl”, but is also eager to talk about his favourite spots in the city and his optimism for the city’s future.  His vibrant pictures and knowledge of Dhaka’s history illustrate his praise and his hopes for improvement for the nation’s capital.

For the article, please click here.

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