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How you can help

ধন্যবাদ Dhan'yabāda - Thank you so much for your interest! Here's how you can help this work:

1. Share this website with other people who may want to support health promotion in Bangladesh.

2. For IUBAT College of Nursing, there are opportunities as visiting faculty to mentor faculty and supervise student practice and for home-based volunteers to develop education materials and mentor graduates.

3. We also need volunteer support to share project news and build our social media presence.

4. Of course, donations are always welcome. Our priority is CAD $1,000 a month for the Oasis for Posterity primary and pre-primary schools. The vocational college is expected to be self-reliant for operating costs but we will need more laboratory equipment as students advance. We also provide financial support for girls’ education and for elderly individuals’ health care costs.

Please use the contact us or donate links on the website if you can assist or want to find out more.

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