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Hospital Conditions in Bangladesh as Illustrated by CNN

After the factory collapse disaster in April 2013, Bangladesh has been in the international spotlight, primarily with regard to labour and working conditions.  However, due to the large need for medical attention post-disaster, the media also wrote about hospital conditions and the care that victims were receiving.

An article from CNN chronicles the experience of a nurse from the United States, sent to Bangladesh’s Dhaka Medical as part of her regular rotation at Massachusetts General Hospital.  She describes her reaction after her first day:

“She’d never been in a hospital so ill-equipped to treat severe cases. In Boston, she changed her latex gloves after seeing each patient. In Dhaka, the hospital could not afford so many gloves, so the nurses used one pair on several patients.
She was appalled by the workload of the nurses; each averaged 25 to 30 patients. In America, that number would likely be somewhere between four and eight.”

For the full article, please visit CNN’s website.

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