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Engaging with the Community - 2

The first formal orientation of OfP Institute of Science and Technology (OIST) students was held on September 14, 2023 at the OIST building in Balagram.

Prof Golam Mostofa, himself an educator and also a former Member of Parliament, attended as Guest of Honour. Prof Mostofa has visited OIST previously and is an important supporter from the wider community. He welcomed all the participants with flowers (to OIST Math Instructor Kalyani Roy in the photo, with Bluebell Head Teacher Altaf behind).

Rabiul Islam presided over the orientation. OIST students and their parents, teachers and staff members participated in the orientation. The speakers all spoke of the importance of technical and vocational education for employment, poverty alleviation, and sustainable development. In this rural community where many adults do not complete higher secondary school, OIST is a critical resource for improving lives.

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