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Eid Extravaganza!

On Thursday, November 18th, two of our volunteers, Deidre Evans and Sally Sando, organized an Eid party for the boys and girls at the Families for Children orphanage in Sector 6, Uttara, Dhaka. Deidre and Sally had been planning this party for weeks – arranging food, activities, and Eid gifts for all the children. This was one of the few parties the kids have ever had, and it was a huge success. Some of the boys and girls put together dance performances to entertain the crowd, which were lots of fun and must have taken lots of time and effort to organize. The room was filled with excitement and laughter, and the amount of positive energy was incredible! Overall, the children’s endless smiles and ‘thank you’s really made our volunteers’ hard work worth the while. Hopefully we will find ourselves another cause for celebration in the near future!

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