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Dr. Nazmul Huda Hosts Guests on Radio Program

In 2014, Dr. Nazmul Huda, the Health Strategy Lead for the Bangladesh Health Project, invited participants of the Project onto a Bangladeshi radio program to discuss the nursing profession and opportunities overseas, especially in Canada.  The program segment features interviews with a Vancouver Community College student doing a practicum at IUBAT, Rhonda Bennett, and two visiting faculty, Sara Jackson and Dorie Larue.

On the show, Rhonda Bennett explains that nursing is the “foundation of a healthy community, ” and remarks that opportunities in Canada for a nurse are endless and states that nurses assume a variety of roles in Canadian health care.  Sara Jackson also adds, “Nurses are amongst the top 3 most respected professions in Canada” and with the aging population worldwide, there will be increased prospects for nurses interested in working abroad.

For those interested in the entire clip, please play the media file below.  Please note that the show is partially in Bangla, as Dr. Huda hosts in the native language and translates for the listeners; however, the interview portions are conducted fully in English.

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