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Donating to OfP

You can make donations to OfP through Vancouver’s Mid-Main Community Health Centre, at this link. Please indicate that your donation is for the Bangladesh Health Project.

Mid-Main uses a donation processing service, Canada Helps. Mid-Main Community Health Centre has limited resources so they prefer using an outside agency to keep track of donations, issue CRA receipts and prepare statements. Canada Helps is an NGO that supports many Canadian charities like Mid-Main and charges a processing fee for administrative costs. For larger donations, you can bypass the processing fee by using the donation form on the Mid-Main website.

It is important to note that any donations that receive CRA receipts can only be spent on health care and health education activities because that is Mid-Main's mandate. We reserve these funds for the OFP health screening clinic and immunization clinics, for costs of poor villagers needing surgery or medicines, and for education of Bangladeshi students in health professions.

If you do not require a CRA tax deductible receipt, please contact us. Bangladesh Health Project directors do not claim CRA donations because we want to support the primary and vocational education projects. We can include your contribution with our regular transfers.

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