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Concerns about AI among health care workers

Shuvashish Das Bala, Assistant Professor & Coordinator at IUBAT College of Nursing has co-authored another original research article titled “I Wonder if my Years of Training and Expertise Will be Devalued by Machines: Concerns About the Replacement of Medical Professionals by Artificial Intelligence" in SAGE Open Nursing. The paper was based on semi-structured interviews and focus group discussions in Dhaka with nearly 50 participants who had recent AI training or experience, including nurses, physicians, radiologists, medical technicians, pharmacists, and hospital administrators. The authors conclude, “The study underscores the need for ethical guidelines and robust regulatory frameworks, balancing innovation with ethical and legal considerations…. Trust and acceptance of AI are central to the successful adoption of this technology…. Patient–provider relationships and the intricacies of healthcare policy and regulation also play pivotal.… While concerns exist, AI has the potential to be a transformative force that, when harnessed with care and ethical considerations, can enhance the healthcare sector for the benefit of both professionals and patients.”

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