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Caring Governor General’s Award Honours Dr. Karen Lund

Congratulations to Dr. Karen Lund, who was recently chosen to receive the Caring Governor General’s Award, a national honour bestowed upon Canadians who have spent a considerable amount of time towards volunteer efforts and helping others in Canada or abroad.  The Award recognizes the generous and selfless work of its recipients, and commends the compassionate example that is set for others.  Dr. Karen Lund has been involved with the Bangladesh Health Project since 2004, and currently serves as the program’s Visiting Faculty Chair.

UHL visit

Dr. Lund joins Dr. JoAnn Leavey as a fellow Caring Governor General’s Award recipient. You can read about the Caring Governor General’s Award recipient here.

An emphatic thank you to Dr. Karen Lund for your many years of contribution to the BHP; your involvement has undoubtedly influenced the success of the Project in the past, and the influence will continue for years to come.  

The recognition is well-deserved!
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