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Bluebell Teacher - Altab Hossain

“Sharing my knowledge with others gives me immense pleasure and fulfillment in life. Teaching is the only career where I can do that," says Altab Hossain, Head Teacher of Bluebell School. After completing his BA and MA, Altab completed a Bachelors degree in Education with additional training in primary education. Altab likes to teach and before joining Bluebell in 2009, he taught classmates and lower grade students as a private tutor. Currently, he teaches Grade 4 English and Math, Grade 5 Science and Grade 3 Religion.

As the head teacher at Bluebell, Altab also liaises with government offices and administers school business. He lives together with his parents, wife and two daughters in a joint household; the eldest daughter studies at Bluebell.

"I love teaching, specially to the under-served families. Bluebell has brought me that opportunity.” - Altab

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