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Better education, better living

Dr Manzoor Ahmed is Professor Emeritus at BRAC University and Senior Adviser of the BRAC University Institute of Educational Development.

The Business Standard, a Bangladesh newspaper, recently interviewed Manzoor Ahmed, who co-wrote with BHP Director John Richards and OFP Advisory Committee member Shahidul Islam, “The Political Economy of Education in South Asia: Fighting Poverty, Inequality, and Exclusion.” 

In the interview, Ahmed states,“The quality of basic education needs to be enhanced to produce productive and efficient workers. ...Proficiency in basic language skills, mathematics, reasoning, and critical thinking are crucial for acquiring the necessary skills for any job. … However, according to 2021 estimates, 58% of children in Bangladesh, similar to other low-income countries, lack these essential skills. ... without a solid foundation in basic education and competence, students may struggle to progress in their studies and utilize job-related training effectively… Additionally, there is a need for different institutions focusing on job-specific skills such as vocational institutions ...It is crucial to identify the NGOs that contribute positively and collaborate with them in partnership.

Through our partnership with Oasis for Posterity, BHP helps develop both early skills and job-specific capability. We rely on donations to help pay for teacher salaries at Bluebell Primary Schools and Oasis Institute of Technology, ensuring brighter futures for their students.

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