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Bangladesh's daughters

The New York Times recently published the series India’s Daughters with some parallels to Bangladesh. The six articles are about the conflict over young women’s futures amid the new opportunities offered by a flourishing economy. A daughter who gets a good job can lift her family out of poverty but many women are held back by cultural expectations that they should only have care-giving roles at home. Poor families with ambitious daughters must decide how much they should invest, with how much risk, for an uncertain future reward. And, just as important, who should make that decision?

The Government of Bangladesh has introduced many financial supports that enable parents to allow their daughters to finish their schooling. But there are still some costs and the extra years of supporting a daughter at home rather than married or working. Oasis for Posterity is tackling the issue by reducing cost barriers at the pre-K centres, at Bluebell School and at OIST and providing bursaries for female students attending local secondary schools. Your generous donations help Bangladesh’s daughters to delay marriage, finish their education and find work that brings them financial independence.

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