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Bangladesh Health Project Publishes Article in Leading U.S. Journal

In the August edition of the American Journal of Nursing, the ‘Correspondence from Abroad’ feature highlights the experiences of the Bangladesh Health Project team in their efforts to launch a nursing school and to raise the standard of education and training for new nurses.

The article discusses some of the challenges in teaching in Bangladesh, including, but not limited to, the societal stigmas attached to the nursing role, efforts to preserve academic honesty in education, and fostering leadership, critical thinking and leadership skills in the students.  Despite the difficulties, there are remarkable attributes in these Bangladeshi nursing students that contribute to their education, and ultimately, nursing skills.

The authors state, “Our students continue to achieve personal empowerment through mastery of concepts and skills and against enormous odds. Strong bonds with peers and faculty help them to persevere. On the IUBAT campus we’ve seen negative attitudes replaced by respect for the intense study required to earn the BSN degree and to inspire trust in nurses as caregivers.”

For the full article please visit the direct link from the website for the American Journal of Nursing.  Please note that a subscription is required to access the full article.

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