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Bangladesh Health Project Featured in Journal of International Nursing

The Journal of International Nursing (JOIN) is a publication written by Nurses for Nurses International, an organization that aspires to join nurses’ voices from around the globe in an effort to share tools and technology amongst the international community of nurses and midwives.

In the March/April 2013 edition of JOIN, the Bangladesh Health Project (BHP) was prominently featured in an interview with Alex Berland, one of the founding members of the Project and current Advisor on Health Sciences at IUBAT in the Nursing program.

Alex discusses the origins and history of BHP, the operations, the struggles and the future of BHP in Bangladesh and at IUBAT. He says, “It is true that there are immense environmental, social and especially educational challenges for nursing in Bangladesh – outsiders need to understand and respect these challenges. However, there is also enormous energy amongst the young nursing students that I meet there. They have a passion for learning and improvement, a terrific ambition to raise health care standards, to do something different.”

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