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"An incredible experience"

A Canadian RN working in a busy emergency department, Danielle LeMoine, volunteered at IUBAT during spring 2011.  This photo shows her (back row, right) with Monique de Groot and medical-surgical students at United Hospital. “Teaching at IUBAT was an incredible experience …. I learned what it’s like living in a developing country, and saw first-hand the impact of social determinants of health like income, education and access to services. It is important for me to involve myself with projects that help create sustainable change… educating nurses is an excellent way to do this. Nurses can be leaders for change; we have all seen this in action. Sharing our knowledge and experiences, while helping build their confidence, practical and critical thinking-skills can help shape the future of nurses and health care delivery in Bangladesh.”

Thank you, Danielle, for your passion and effort.

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