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Advancing Nurse Education in Bangladesh

In March 2014, IUBAT released a research monograph entitled Advancing Nurse Education in Bangladesh, which arose from research through the Bangladesh Health Project and collaborating universities and organizations, namely, IUBAT, Simon Fraser University and Mid-Main Community Health Centre in Vancouver, Canada.  The monograph focuses on the critical obstacle with providing better nurse education in Bangladesh – the shortage of qualified nurse educators.  It summarizes the current situation for education of nurses, introduces potential solutions from other countries and suggests a made-in-Bangladesh strategy.

This report, presented by Professor Alex Berland, follows the experience of the Bangladesh Health Project, as well as discussions with dozens of nurse educators, physicians and hospital managers.

Three initial steps proposed in the monograph to strengthen nurse education in Bangladesh:

  1. To build a leadership coalition and a guiding strategy for nursing resource development.

  2. To create a country-wide collaborative effort to advance nurse education.

  3. To develop system supports to promote higher standards in nursing education and practice.

The monograph focuses on one aspect of strengthening nurses’ contributions, namely the education of nurses. A strong policy platform for developing the nurse education system could release nurses’ capacity as caregivers, advocates and client educators.

To read Advancing Nurse Education in Bangladesh, please click here.

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