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Administration workshop

On November 25th a full day workshop was held for five advanced nursing students from IUBAT as well as a group of nurses from the International Centre for Diarrheal Disease and Research (ICDDR,B) and United Hospital that have been attending the IUBAT Nursing Administration course this semester. Alex Berland led the class in which four case studies were presented. The students worked in teams and had to immerse themselves in their roles as managers and staff nurses and solve problems of staff relations, budget and time management as well as an ethical dilemma. Several junior level students assisted them by joining the teams and introducing further scripted problems for the new managers to solve.

Val Hedstrom taught the Nursing Administration course throughout the fall term and said, “It was fun to watch the students. They really took their roles seriously. The students were transformed into managers and wrestled with these situations using knowledge acquired over the last three months of classes and placements in hospitals. It was a great learning experience for all involved and a wonderful opportunity for the students and nurses to work together in a relaxed atmosphere.”

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