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Bluebell provides free education to children up to Grade 5, after which they attend the local secondary school in Balagram. The most recent graduates have written the national exams so they are ready to move on. OfP organized a graduation ceremony attended by junior students, proud parents and village elders.

All the graduating students received awards and a souvenir mug presented by school staff. In these photos, Head Teacher Mr. Altaf and Senior Teacher Ms. Kallani are shown with two of the students.

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Covid delayed student enrollment so that Semester 2 started in October and Semester 3 will begin in January. Before leaving for the year-end break, students enjoyed a sports day with awards and prizes.

Rabiul Islam reports that he is leading a continuous improvement program at OIST with monitoring of classroom activities and regular feedback from the students. During December, OIST faculty met with local high school teachers to recruit students for upcoming Semester 1 Civil Engineering and Computer Technology diploma programs. We expect an intake of about sixty “freshers.” Students earn a tuition reduction if they maintain a GPA of 3.0. They also receive a government bursary for good grades and high attendance. Due to the poverty of local families, we are still subsidizing OIST expenses for about $3000 CAD per month. We welcome your support.

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Because it serves a poor community, OFP charges no tuition fees for Bluebell School or the two Early Learning Centres. The greatest cost is for the salaries of the five full-time and four part-time teachers (several shown here with OFP founder Rabiul Islam, BHP Director John Richards and Head Teacher Mr. Altaf (rear L to R). Generous donors cover the cost of salaries, utilities and school supplies, about $1000 CAD per month. About 120 students are enrolled in Bluebell’s primary grades. We welcome your support.

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