Pays a monthly stipend for a deserving nursing student


Pays for monthly food and supplies for one volunteer faculty member


Pays for an intern to work full-time at IUBAT for a month

Would you like to make a cash or cheque donation?

Please complete the PDF donation form and mail with your donation to:
Mid-Main Community Health Centre
3998 Main Street, Vancouver, BC V5V 3P2

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How You Can Help

We look for enthusiastic short-term and long-term volunteers to contribute from home or as visiting faculty in Bangladesh. We value any contributions of educational materials and clinical supplies, which we will take with us. We also appreciate cash donations, which enable the purchase of library books, AV equipment and office supplies, and help pay for volunteer accommodation. Scholarship support for students is also welcome. Canadian charitable donation tax receipts will be provided for financial donations.


How Are Donations Used

The Bangladesh Health Project receives no government funding. So far, we operate on donations of about $25,000 per year, mostly from a few families. Modest tuition fees cover university costs for general courses, the computer lab, library and registration.

Your donations to the Bangladesh Health Project are used only to support the College of Nursing at IUBAT. Our only overhead costs in Canada are book-keeping and audit services to meet Revenue Canada requirements. We spend frugally on library books, clinic supplies and classroom equipment. Donations also cover the cost of our guest house for visiting faculty volunteers.

It is IUBAT policy to support bright students who cannot afford tuition fees. There are various loan and grant programs, as well as scholarships. We also support one or two deserving students each year with bursaries through the Bangladesh Health Project.


Supplies We Need

For our clinical practice lab on campus and first-aid service

  • Plastic bedside items (K basin, wash basins)
  • Trach sets
  • Enteral feeding sets
  • Medication trays, drug vials
  • BP cuffs, stethoscopes
  • Catheters, suction tubes (clean)
  • Suction machine
  • Non-adherent dressings
  • Sterile dressings